Wednesday, February 4, 2009


February 4, 2009

Well, here we are at the first month mark! Can I tell anyone who reads this, that I feel very frustrated, but am trying to work through it! I am sorry to say that I haven't been much good with keeping up with my site and any progress that I may have made (don't feel like I have made any--truly) I began with great enthusiasm and desire; THIS IS MY YEAR, AFTER ALL!!!!!--why did that wane???? I think I am trying to change my life all at once-my health, my finances, my job searching, my living life on a daily basis, and I have become overwhelmed! Anybody ever feel that way? When I become overwhelmed, it seems that I take it out on my health because that is the easiest to do. It's like- you want a quick change and so what is the easiest??? The hair goes a different color, or is cut. Hmmmm...what to do! Anyone ever get through this before? I would love to hear about how you came out of it.

I will strive to get to know how to do this blog. I wish I were as great at it as some of you, and maybe one day I will be. How do you keep up with all the sites and get other things done that are necessary? Do you see any familiarity with this?

I still want to be successful! I still have the desire! I feel I am going down a second time under water and needing to hear that success truly can be acheived! I'm not "desperate" for anything other than some success stories.




Vicki said...

Don't give up! It sounds like you have a lot of things going. It is hard to balance everything at once. I have a large list of goals for this year too... but had to choose three that were the my main focus and let the others just be bonuses. Sticking to my commitment to get fit and start healthy eating habits in my home is one of those top 3.

As for being able to keep up with the blogs... You can set your list to show you when people have updated. That saves time, as you only have to read the new ones instead of check and see if others have written anything new.

You Can do it... Just hang in there!

Kristi said...

I was going to suggest what Vicki said about the blogs. If you look at mine, for example, I can see how long ago others posted. So when I'm ready to check blogs I just glance at my own site and see who has posted since the last time I checked.

Also, I know blogging takes time, but I found that when I got really, really into blogging with this group, that it was an incentive for me to do better about my diet & exercise. If I post often, then I'm posting about the little things I do each day, good and bad. It makes me more accountable. And more excited about this competition. Thus, I have better motivation and better results.

Don't give up. It was just one month after all. You have so many more months of your life. And only 1/6 of this competition is over. Don't worry about winning. Concentrate on a new 5 month goal. And forget that month 1 came and went.

And also, don't forget that your month is not uncommon at all. Millions of people struggle with weight issues and balancing home/work/life with eating healthy/exercising and taking care of our self. So don't let it get you down.

Try again! Go for it! It's a new month. Make this your month to start change! Good luck! It's not easy. But it's rewarding when you succeed and you'll feel great!

Melissa said...

Patti, I think we ALL fell that way at one time or another, and honestly a lot of the time for me. I want to change this and that and this or that, and when I think of it all at once, my head explodes and I want to go crazy! One little story of taking a step at a time...I want to do so much for my kids so I'm not a bad mom. too much, that I end up doing nothing because I don't know where to start. So I picked one thing...reading to the kids every day. Nothing more, nothing less. It's now been months and it's a habit and I wouldn't even think of not reading to them at night. It's just what we do now. Is that going to change their lives? Probably not, but now that I have it down, I've started having Zach read to me and Alissa working on her letters. One step at a time to not feel over whelmed! Maybe pick ONE thing that will help you with your weight loss and then do it. Do nothing more, nothing less. and when that becomes a habit, add one more thing in! I KNOW you can do it.....and you know how??!!!...because I did it! I was able to lose 43 lbs last year and I didn't try to cram too much stuff in. I just had small goals and stuck to them. It's possible and you will find something in you that says "I am worth this, and I will do it". When it clicks, it's awesome and you start rocking at it! Good luck!!!!! We are all here for you!

Carrie said...

Melissa is so right, I went through a mental break down last year because I was trying to do way to much and just couldn't handle it anymore. I then restarted my life and have been taking it a lot slower. I don't do as much for everyone else, right now I focus on myself, and my home and family. I have learned to just not do some things and do others! You just have to pick one thing at a time and not try to do it all! We love you patti, and you have a wealth of family around to help, don't be afraid to ask!

shrinkingme said...

Such awesome comments! I agree 100% with all the ladies. If you try and look at the entire picture, it can be soo overwhelming. Try and do a few simple things for a couple weeks and add on. This is about making changes in our lives to be healthier women, you dont have to do it all at once,this is the first month and we not only have 5 more to go, but the changes that we are able to make will help mold our future choices. You can so this, I know you are overwhelmes, but don't give up! If you want help on making everyones blogs come up with the newest posts, I will come do that for you! I love you and I hope you know that we are here for you and to give whatever support that you need!

Christi said...

I think for me the hardest thing to do is make that time for ME. There are always so many responsibilities or chores leading me in so many different directions, that "I" get lost in trhe shuffle. As Oprah says " Put you as the #1 thing on your to do list. You have the right, and the ABILITY to get heathy, so do I. Does it make it any easier, no. Food is an easy out for me. It calms me, it cheers me, it brings me down all with the same piece of fudge. Conquering that is the hardest part. Loving ourselves without having to change who we are, or our hair color is the biggest hardship. You know that feeling you when you need a change and you do change your hair color. how long does that feeling last? Not very long. But losing the weight that weight that makes us cring when we look in the mirror is the best, lasting feeling in the world. One of My favorite sayings is " Don't let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use."
So Miss Thans..This time next year you could be where you are now, or you can be who you WANT to be. Love ya!!!! Christi