Monday, January 19, 2009


Hello there!

I am writing this as I finally am beginning to understand how to use this wonder of technology! Being of the "older" or is that "wiser" generation--this is rough stuff! I thought I knew a little about computers...indeed it is a "little".

Enough...this last week was a week of frustration a little. I didn't go off my plan super big, but I don't feel like I was able to stay strictly on it either. I neither lost nor gained, which I am grateful and sad for. But this week, I have determined to follow my plan much more lovingly, and do what I truly desire in my heart to do.

my blog address is changed to: "pattisperfectplan09" I am sorry that it had to change.

I know that you all support me, as I support each one of you. This week I will get to each one and get to know YOU! Bon chance to each of you!